Sunday, April 15, 2007


Peter and I finally got our shit together and finalized our plans for WBC. We got our hotel reservations at the Continental, which is directly across the street from the Host. Al and I stayed there last year, and it was great - dark quiet room with a king size bed and a refridgerator, and free breakfast. Peter stayed at the Host last year and was pretty miserable with the noise from the convention, plus no free breakfast. So we get Continental reservations on the phone, and both of us make our reservations. The lady was amazing. Despite our total spaziness, and our needing to reserve two different rooms, with different bed configurations, on two different credit cards, and our passing the phone back and forth, she was able to keep it all straight.

Our final plan is that we will all meet up at Peter's house on Wed. night for a game of Fury of Dracula. If Strider isn't in town, Peter is going to ask a friend to join us so we will have a fifth player. We'll spend the night at Peter's and head to Lancaster on Thursday, which is only about an hour away. Brenda will join us on Friday or Saturday. We will all drive up to CT on Sunday.

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