Sunday, April 1, 2007

Giant Silly Mutant Monster Weekend

Today we played Gammarauders.

We set up and picked bioborgs. Al choose Roddis the Octopod. I choose Dweemish the Hamsterian.

Turn 1: Al plays two "ANY" recruitment cards, gets 5 hovertanks and moves them out towards my fortress.

Turn 2: Al plays two gammajet recruitment cards and gets 5 gamma jets. Al plops 9 hovertanks, 9 gammajets and Roddis on my fortress, and then slaps down the "Super Hovertank" card - his hovertanks are now worth 2 each. We roll. I lose. Roddis trashes my fortress. Al wins. Game over.

Al says, "This game is stupid. Let's play
Monsters Menace America again."

Total playing time, including set up, about 15 minutes.

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