Friday, March 14, 2008

So Wrong.

I found out that last week they made Francie play Fury of Dracula at game club. That is so wrong. I've been told that the expressions on her face during the game were photo worthy.

This week enough people showed up that Francie got to play something more to her liking. She learned three new games last night. She is no longer allowed to complain that I teach her too many new games, when it's really only like one new game every month or six weeks. Truth is however, we have gotten to the point that there are no more new games I want or need to teach her.

I played Pandemic which I would play again, but I don't need to own. I think I have pretty much a three tier rating for games:

Must have my own copy.
Will play other people's copy.
Avoid playing.

Also played Escape from Atlantis, which was very fun. The guys kept calling me evil. "You're are an evil, evil woman." The sea serpents and sharks just don't get rolled often enough.