Friday, July 27, 2007

Countdown to WBC

We are hitting the road to PA on Tue. I have to get my act together and get organized. I have packing anxiety. I always forget to pack something important, like prescription meds or a bottle opener. Last year we had to go on a church key hunt. You would think that in a room full of gamers, at least one of them would be able to open a bottle of beer without a church key. I guess none of them were drummers or bass players. After some hunting, we finally found a dollar store that not only carried a wide selection of kitchen utensils, but also sold dice, glass beads, zip lock bags and rubber bands. I picked up some scissors, tape and soap too while we were there. The soap at the hotel was too flowery.

So far the games that I am bringing, subject to change, are:

Fury of Dracula
Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Betrayal At House on the Hill
Funny Friends
Villa Paletti
Cosmic Encounter
Fairy Tale
Grave Robbers from Outer Space
History of the World
Lord of the Rings
Primordial Soup
Arkham Horror
King Put's copy of Puerto Rico

game list updated 07/27 with KP's requests.
game list updated again on 07/27 with Al's requests.

Game Dates:

Wed Night: Fury of Dracula

Fri or Sat: Warrior Knights

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