Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Arkham Horror

I have such a friggin' headache. We started a game of Arkham on Monday and are about half way to being slaughtered, but haven't been able to finish the game because I can hardly see straight. It's this weather.

I had the brilliant idea that we should play the singer and the musician. We put on some Robert Johnson and some Bessie Smith to create the mood. I love me some Robert Johnson. However, playing these two characters turned out to be a very bad idea because their stats are too similar. Al made short work of a several of the undead. However, on the second turn I got sat upon by a Star Vampire. I struggled along for a few more turns, and then the headache hit, and has been in and out for the past two days. I'm thinking we should just pack it in. We are sooo losing anyway.

Is it giving up if it's been three days and you need the table back?

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