Monday, June 18, 2007


I found a dusty, marked down copy of Evo hidden behind a copy of Descent at a comic & game store this weekend. When we went to pay for it, the clerk said, "I've been working here for years and have never seen this game." It's really easy to lose a game or two behind those coffin sized FFG games. The clerk was a really sweet guy. He even let me use the bathroom, although he wasn't supposed to. Nice beard too.

I think that I really like Evo. I usually don't like bidding games, but the bidding mechanic in Evo is more like playing chicken than like bidding. I'm pretty good at playing chicken. I also find most spawning games fascinating. Francie hated it. I think that was mostly because my three horned green dinos kept munching her soft, weak, one-horned pink dinos. I think that she also didn't quite grasp the climate change probability factor. Al crushed the both of us. I want to play again, but we need to find a third player. Maybe I'll bring it to game night on Thursday.

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