Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Buying Games

Francie has been bugging me to place a game order because she wants Tikal and Colosseum. So, while biking on Saturday, we all finally agreed on what we wanted to order. After we finished biking, I stopped at Tuesday Mornings to pick up a vacuum cleaner. What do I see? Tikal for $15. So I picked it up for Francie. That threw off the game order because we didn't make the minimum for free shipping. I was going to bag the order until after WBC, but Al and Z really, really wanted Under the Shadow of the Dragon and Francie and S really, really wanted Colosseum. So, with Al's blessing, I returned the vacuum cleaner, and added the Arkham Horror - Dunwich Horror Expansion (Yay!) to our part of the order to make the free shipping. You gotta' love a man that says "Screw the carpet. Get the games."


KingPut said...

KingPut's Prediction: You'll enjoy Tikal about as much as you enjoy torries minus the magic card. I've never played but I attended a 20 minute demo and I went screaming out the room like Paris Hilton in a Dike prison cell. The game looks more painful than doing the 1040 long form. Good Luck, hopefully I wrong.

ubarose said...

Laughing so hard I fell off my chair. I hear Colosseum isn't much better, except that it has the Fisher Price meeples.