Friday, February 22, 2008

Excellent Gaming Over the Past 2 Weeks

I got Pirate King on sale at B & N. We had lots of fun playing that last week.

Al gave me Cavetroll for Valentine's Day. Haven't had a chance to play yet, but will probably try it before the weekend is over.

Last night at game club exactly five of us showed up. We played an awesome game of Fury of Dracula.

Today we all got snowed in, so Francie came over in the afternoon. She brought Arkadia which I liked. It's a Euro puzzle game, but it doesn't pretend like it's not. It is very pretty too. Francie had been telling me that it was a really easy, light game, but it isn't. Pirate King is a light easy game. Arkadia is somewhat Go like. I was surprised Al liked it, since he doesn't like Through the Desert. Then we played Railroad Tycoon. Over vacation, Francie borrowed Age of Steam because she had heard so many people raving about it. She convinced us all to try it with her. We all decided it wasn't any fun. While we were playing Railroad Tycoon Francie kept commenting on how much cooler all the bits were, and how much more fun it was than Age of Steam. I kept teasing her that she had a little bit of Trash in her soul. After RRT, we had dinner, and then another game of Arkadia. Al and I both beat Francie this second game. So Francie said that maybe the game was harder than she thought.

If the roads are clear tomorrow, Francie and I are going to game club. Otherwise she may come over here again for a couple games of something.

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