Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Done is good

Something I learned from working in the theatre is that "Done is good," otherwise you can go on tweaking things forever.

Anyway, I think that it is time for the curtain to go up.


CresceNet said...
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KingPut said...

You didn't give you weekly gaming rant so I'll fill in this week.

I had a big fat Euro week. Malloc didn’t show up Wednesday and the Martin Wallace table was filled so I ended up at the Euro table. I tried to get them to play Risk - Clone Wars but I had to settle for Ticket to Ride Europe and Hoity Tie-dye. I always try to rush a game of Ticket to Ride by building as fast as I possibly can to use up my trains first. I never win the game that way but I usually end up in 2nd or 3rd place and the game gets over faster. In the Hogtie Toe-cheese game, I almost always choose my stuff randomly because the game is pretty stupid and somehow I usually ended up in 2nd place by picking randomly anyway.

Saturday, I played In the Year of the Dragon, Race for the Galaxy and Caylus. In the Year of the Dragon was not a bad light Euro I rated it a 7.0 after one play (that puts in the top 10 Euro games of the last 2 years for me). In the game, I liked saying I was going to kill off the farmer, doctor, military, Buda guys etc. until one of the other players corrected me and told me you don’t actually kill you people instead you’re just releasing them from service. I said that was no fun just releasing them from service so I kept saying I was killing them off anyway. I also decided to take the Whorehouse, Fireworks and Doctors to stop V.D. strategy. I came in 3rd out of 4 players but I could at least make fun of the person using the scholar strategy who came in 4th. Race for the Galaxy was a real pain the ass. The game is basically San Juan with hard to read cards. I rated Race for the Galaxy a 6.0 just because it was quick. The week ended with a win in Caylus.

ubarose said...

I played Hogtie Toe-cheese at game club last we too. I never need to play that again. Biribg.

We have been playing Caveman. It is awesome. Also, Al really loves Mordred. He is turning into a MW whore.

KingPut said...

I played Brass 4 times now. It's my favorite game 2007 so far. It'll give you and Al a headache the first time you play it. I have a feeling you may not like it. It maybe to dry and economic for you.

Do the humans ever win in Last Night on Earth?

StephenAvery said...

Heya Just popping in to report on Game Night ATL. After sending Shelle a transcript of our conversation, I though you might e interested in hearing out it all panned out.

Rob, Mike, Dan Baden(he's like a slightly less sarcastic Rob but with an innocent look) and Damien (Random Chaos with an evil smile)

It was my choice of games last night and I was needing some instant carnage. Damine was running late so we started off with Thunder Road. Cars were being rammed and blown up with carefree abandon. In pure luck games I am untouchable and last night was no exception with the dice sowing me all the love and spurning everyone else.

Then we moved onto War on Terror. I amused myself by drawing various cartoons and passing them around the table. "Rob must Die" was mostly the theme but he forestalled his demise by allying with Damien and taking down Barnes. Right after I cleaned him off the board and Rob and mike made a big push to terrorize the whole world. Damine , dan and I were working pretty cooperatively to push back the terrorist onslaught but we're all opportunist bastards and finally Dan jumped at the chance to put me under and win the game.

Dan really wanted to try one of his older games called Fortune 500 (he loves finance games.) We were slogging through it and after 30 mins it was clear that the game was disintegrating with disinterest.

I lobbyed hard for Circus Imperium but we settled on Chill. We dicoverd Rob's Master was the mummy right off the bat and happened to have everything we needed to deafeat him in hand already. Rob futiley railed against his immenent defeat and much laughter was had at his expense. Apparently Rob has made an intricate version of the game with miniatures and scenery. I'll send you pix if I ever see it.

Lastly the night was getting late so we pulled out Family Business just to get our last licks in. The Gangster accents go so bad that we were spitting up our beer with laughter.

So much for the 1st super seret meeting of the brown puddin lad society...


StephenAvery said...

Sorry for all the typos/spelling and grammer...

I geus I need ta rerread it bettar 'fore I post.