Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Me at WBC

See that slightly woman shaped black blob just left of center in the picture above. That's me at WBC. It's not a very good picture. It makes me look like a brunette. You can tell it's me by the shoes and the black lace covered box on the table. The box is actually my purse, but Malloc dubbed it the tardis. It can hold a lot of game supplies and still have room for a lipstick and beer. Also I'm not that fat. I'm wearing a coat. It was effing freezing in that room.


StephenAvery said...

I was going to photoshop some wings and stripey shoes into your image but the stupid site wouldn't let me capture it and I'm not technosavy enough to get around it.


I need to post some of my own gaming pix. I've started to abhore the "people sitting at the game table" and am now trying more creative ones. Like a meeples eye veiw of thisngs ;D

ubarose said...

Stripey shoes with that outfit! OH THE HORROR!

Eric Haas said...

Stephen, if you want to use one of my pics, just ask.

Ubarose, I’m sure I got a better picture of you than that!

ubarose said...

Hi Eric,

I think you got a couple of me, but this is the only one of my shoes and my purse.

Are you going to be at Game Days?

Eric Haas said...

Yes, I will be at Game Days.