Friday, September 14, 2007


Francie played Yspahan last night at game night. She has found her new true love and wants me to add it to our game order. Crap. She's going to make me play with her and it is going to suck isn't it. She also guilted me into promising to play Torres with her soon. I guess it only fair, since I made her play Warrior Knights and Struggle of Empires.

Also in the news - Francie finally plays Settlers of Catan.

A couple of years ago I introduced Francie to Settlers of Catan. She played it once, declared that she hated it and refused to play again. I told her that the only reason that she hated it was that we have the Mayfair first edition with the less than intuitive textured color swatches on the cards. A few months ago Francie picked up an unpunched more recent edition for $2 at a yard sale. I've been trying to convince her that she should try playing it, since the resources on both the board and cards are more clearly illustrated. But would she listen to me...noooooo. Last night Francie announced that S had finally twisted her arm into playing it and that they really liked it. Duh. She confessed that I was indeed correct and it was my ugly edition that had put her off. Yay. So now we have an light family game that we can play together. I was really getting tired of the same old same old. Plus, now that we have enough people who like to play, I can finally justify getting the expansions.


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