Monday, September 24, 2007

Games with Francie

The school year has begun, it is getting dark earlier, and the rainy weather is at hand. We are getting back into our little gaming routine. Tonight we went over to Francie's and played Settlers while the girls played dolls. Francie now has the hang of the game. Al and I both made some risky choices that didn't work out for us. Francie played a solid, conservative game and won.

Francie likes to play a game to death; until she knows every strategy; until she doesn't even have to think about her moves. Then she likes to play it some more and beat everyone. Then she is ready to move onto something new.

Me on the other hand, I like the challenge of the new. I like variety. I have a half dozen games in my cupboard that I really want to play, but haven't had the time for; yet despite this, I hear the sirens' call of new games. I keep going over my wish list and loading and reloading my cart at Thoughthammer. We won't be placing an order until November for our holiday gifts, but I can't help myself.

Here's what's in the cart now:

Last Night on Earth: The Zombie Game Last Night on Earth: The Zombie Game
For me. I know no one will play this with me except Al. Will LNoE be my new Buffy?

Warrior Knights: Crown and Glory Expansion Warrior Knights: Crown and Glory Expansion
A gift for Al. He loves his Warrior Knights. He carries it to Game Club nearly every week, but no one will play with him. Poor Al.

Memoir '44:  Winter/Desert Board Map Memoir '44: Winter/Desert Board Map
Also for Al. He keeps picking this up at the game store, and then putting it back down again. Think he wants it? Yeah, I think so.

Ticket to Ride: Switzerland (Swiss Map Expansion) Ticket to Ride: Switzerland (Swiss Map Expansion)
A gift for Francie. She plays a lot of two player with S. This will make her happy.

Settlers of Canaan Settlers of Canaan
A gift for the Temple. They have a small collection of games. Most of them are standard mainstream games. I think this would be a good addition.

Cities & Knights of Catan, The Cities & Knights of Catan, The
Because by December, Francie will finally be ready for this.

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