Sunday, May 6, 2007

Ultimate Geek Day

This is what we did today.

  1. Mountain Biking
  2. Picnic. Girly geek moment - Spotted a JLY 24H (blond/brown/freckles) wearing the new Flower Garden Dress at the picnic table next to ours. The mom let me take an up close look.
  3. Comic Book Store. Free comic day. They gave Z a butt load of comics. I bought the first three issues of the new Buffy books.
  4. Game Store. Got to see a demo copy of Tide of Iron . Al said the tanks looked squashed, and acted like he wasn't interested, but I saw a little drool.
  5. Star Trek (original). Have they stopped showing the remastered Star Treks? This is the second week in row they haven't been on. We watched a taped episode.
  6. Comic Book Reading Time. Read my Buffy's. Meh.
  7. Monty Python and the Holy Grail. Al wanted to watch Star Wars. Z wanted to watch Holy Grail. I was the deciding vote.
  8. Marvel Heroes. Played Marvel Heroes again. This time, with all the rules. Al and I were neck and neck until the last round, and then he blew past me. He wanted to leave it out and play again tomorrow, but I needed the room cleaned.
  9. Organize the Games. Moved a butt load of kiddie games that Z has out grown to the attic. We have mad room now.
  10. Bed.

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