Saturday, May 12, 2007

Pirate Games

Today Z said, "I want to play the pirate game."
So I got out Sword and Skull.
Z says, " No, not that one. The other pirate game. The one with the cards"
So I got out Dead Man's Treasure.
Z says, "Not that one. The one with the cards and the boat."
So I got out Capt'n Clever.
Z says, "No not that one. The one with the cards and the boat and the little pirate guys."
So I got out Cartagena.
Z says, "That's the one."
And we played.


KingPut said...

Z knows good pirate games!

Here's my pirate game ratings.

The Cool Keith Richard / Johnnie Depp Pirate's of Caribbean Games:

The Average Captain Crunch Pirate Games:
Capt’n Clever
Pirate’s Cove
Rum and Pirates

Sucky Pussy Captain Hook Pirate Games:
Kaiser's Pirates

StephenAvery said...

What? no Pirates of the Spanish Main?

I also like Carribean and 7th Sea CCG

ubarose said...

I like the game ratings. I think maybe I should start using them for all my games. Much more elegant than that fiddly 10 point scale. Although, I think I need to add Captain Kangaroo for "good kid game."