Monday, December 17, 2007

My Mistake

So I made the mistake of replying to a couple of threads in the general forum on BGG. I've decided that far too many of the Geeks are social retards who believe that conversation is a competitive game. I'm going back to confining myself to the parent's forum. At least the parent's have enough social skills to attract a member of the opposite sex willing to breed with them.


KingPut said...

My Mistake for trying to post a semi humorous post on BGG. I actually banned myself posting for the next week or so I was so fustrated with the crap.

I almost posted this but I figured that would start about 2 more pages of debate.

If I had a choice between playing any of my favor games (Ti3, Caylus, AoS, Railroad Tycoons, Amun Re, Struggle of Empires) with a Fun BGG Post Killer Mathematician or playing the worst Ameritrash game on the planet, let us call it He-man monopoly Jr. with Ubarose, Mr. Skelator and Mjtuell (just don’t make me play He-man Mastermind with Uba). Which game do you think I’d choose to play? About 2 pages and 2 days ago I might have picked playing one of my favorite games with the mathematician boy. But with everyone his posts, more and more I have feeling that the Fun BGG Post Killer is also a Fun Game Murderer.

ubarose said...

You are much kinder than I am. I wanted to include the following in my post:

Since I mastered arithmetic at the age of 10, I don't fulfill my need for intellectual challenge with anything in a box marked "recommended for ages 8 and up."