Friday, November 2, 2007

Waiting for Games

Alas, KingPut's prediction that Mordred would take so long to ship, that it would arrive as a Halloween gift rather than a birthday gift was incorrect. Halloween has come and gone and Mordred has yet to appear on my front porch. (ETA: I just read that Mordred isn't expected to arrive until late November. Looks as if it will be a December Holiday gift.)

We are trying to put together a group order in time for the holidays, and it's a bitch waiting for everything that everyone wants to be in stock. Last Night on Earth still hasn't arrived at our favorite on-line game retailer. They were promising the end of October. Also out of stock are Ingenious, Memoir '44 - Winter/Desert Board Map , and Cities and Knights of Catan.

I am hoping everything that we want to order that is out of stock comes in, before everything that we want that is in stock sells out. That was what happened last year when we tried to do a group order for the holiday. We finally had a moment in time when everything except one game was in all at the same time and hit the buy button. Too bad for Deb. She didn't get Memoir '44 for Christmas last year.

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