Monday, March 26, 2007


Sat. CGC was meeting just a few miles from my house, so Francie and I decided to check it out. Our goal was to meet some gamers, and play some new games. Francie's birthday is in a few weeks and she wants a new game. We crossed our fingers and hoped it wouldn't be teenagers playing CCGs or scary old dudes pushing chits with tweezers.

There were about eight guys there, all very nice, playing Euros. Most were married and had kids, so they didn't mind that we brought the girls along. Z and S found a corner on the floor and played A Dog's Life Francie spotted a copy of Cleopatra and the Society of Architects which she has been wanting to try for awhile. The owner was happy to set up the game and teach us to play. Francie won, no surprise, and I got thrown to the crocodiles, also no surprise. It wasn't my kind of game, but it wasn't bad. I could tell that Francie loved it, so I told her that if she got it, I would play with her. I think it is a solid family game that S and Francie's parents could play.

Francie and S played a game of Wizard with a couple of the guys who wanted to play something light after finishing Power Grid. I thought it was really nice that they had no problem letting S play. Meanwhile, I played a game of Modern Art. I was surprised that I actually enjoyed this game and didn't do too poorly (came in second). I might be willing to play it again.

I left to take the girls to dinner. Francie stayed and played El Grande which she really liked. I told her that Al and I would play that with her too, but she felt she wouldn't get to play often enough to be worth owning. Other than Al and I, she mostly plays with her daughter and parents, so she she won't buy anything that they won't play. So it sounds like it will be CaSoA for her birthday gift.

I had an enjoyable enough time to be willing to make the longer drive to the club's regular meeting location. Al wants to come next time too.

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